Chris Salaltiello

U.S Attorney (MA Bar) 

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Having worked in-house at the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Commerce, Chris managed policy monitoring and analysis of U.S. and international law. Prior to OhKims, he was a professor at Ajou University and developed compliance and regulatory-related research and analysis, publishing articles regarding Korean and U.S. compliance regulations. Currently, Chris works with corporate clients to provide innovate and up-to-date compliance solutions.


2022   OhKims Law & Company

2011    Ajou University School of Law 

2009  Ministry of Knowledge Economy 

2008  Fidelity Investments 


2007  New England Law Boston (J.D) 

2001  Clark University (B.A.)


2020  A Distributed Carbon Ledger: Using Blockchain for Emissions Trading (On Sustainability) 

2017  Current Developments in Autonomous Vehicle Policy in the United States: Federalism’s Influence in State and National Regulatory Law and Policy (Global Jurist) 

2015  Designing and Implementing an Effective U.S. Sanctions Compliance Program for Maritime and Shipping Companies (Dankook University Law Journal)

2013  Combating Corruption and Foreign Bribery – A Critique of South Korea's New Compliance  



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사업자등록번호: 349-81-01238

주소: 서울특별시 서초구 서초대로78길 5, 3층(서초동, 대각빌딩)

대표번호: 02-538-5886

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